Assessing, identifying, managing and monitoring risk is imperative for all organizations at all stages. In a reactionary environment remediating risk and audit findings means impacts to the company have already occurred.

It is critical to have a risk management framework and plan in place to minimize detrimental incident to a company’s financials, operations, or reputation.

With forethought, NuvoLogic helps to plan and avoid threats and damage before risks occur. The goal is to embed risk management activities and measures in baseline operations and activities as if it were second nature. Our team assesses the effectiveness of current internal controls, the level of compliance with regulations, policies and procedures, and the maturity of your risk management framework to include three lines of defense.

We can assist with audit remediation by developing corrective action plans and ensuring your organization reaches operational effectiveness. Below are the areas of Enterprise that Nuvologic supports.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment works with all entities across the enterprise to develop a comprehensive proactive plan to identify and mitigate risk.

Discover your vulnerabilities, and become proactive in managing risk.

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