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NuvoLogic Consulting offers practical innovation to help clients meet project objectives, to propel organizational strategies, to help clients maximize results and to execute great solutions.  We do so in an efficient manner by streamlining and standardizing processes saving time and money where it matters most.  We offer customized solutions leveraging existing technologies and proposing cutting edge technologies when advanced and more robust capabilities are warranted.  Why procure more expensive resources and technology when you may already have it at your fingertips?  We are here to help you assess those needs and offer practical solutions.

At NuvoLogic, we help our clients be forward thinking and understand the impacts today’s decisions will have on future financials, operations, policies and to downstream stakeholders directly or indirectly.  Our work and methodologies have been scrutinized by auditors and regulators alike and we are familiar with supporting these efforts on behalf of our clients.

Discover how our capabilities can help your organization improve results, reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ultimately make more informed and impactful decisions.



The business landscape is constantly evolving. Companies are required and pressured to quickly respond to changing regulatory mandates, both internal and external. NuvoLogic stays at the forefront of accounting and finance policy and is your partner in these financial transitions. Whether it is reducing financial reporting timelines or modeling cash flows to estimate balance sheet liabilities, our consultants are poised to deliver. They will guide your organization into seamless alignment with corporate and government reporting and infrastructure standards.

Financial Analytics and Model Development

Forecasting program performance based on changing economic conditions is critical in mitigating the financial risk of a company.  Capital requirements and liquidity are at the forefront the regulators’ minds.  Whether it’s ensuring adequate capital reserves are on hand in the event of future economic uncertainty or analyzing the financial state of the organization, NuvoLogic consultants are ready to assist.  We have successfully developed loss reserve cash flow models pursuant to the Credit Reform Act of 1990 for a loan guarantor, validated financial models for a financial regulator, performed sensitivity and stress testing, trend analysis, benchmarking, back-testing, and quantitative analysis.  NuvoLogic has also conducted impact analyses as a result of policy changes to help management make informed program decisions.

Audit Guidance

We have provided audit readiness and audit remediation support for many of our clients. Throughout our model development work, we constantly think of the audit implications to ensure we incorporate audit readiness measures along the way in order to be proactive in our risk management approach. Our work has been scrutinized by regulators, such as OMB and GAO, as well as internal and external auditors. As such, we are familiar with their expectations and can successfully prepare you for future inquiries and interactions with them.

Accounting Support

The business landscape is constantly evolving and changing shape. Companies, specifically Controllers and CFO functions are required to respond to continuously changing finance and accounting regulations or maintain compliance with various policies and procedures, both internal and external. NuvoLogic fully analyzes business pain points and develops strategies for optimization that are in full compliance with regulatory mandates. We understand the issues you may face during the monthly and quarterly close process. Our consultants are accounting professionals with their CPA and CGFM certificates who will work with your accounting team to provide technical guidance and assistance to streamline processes, reduce potential compliance risk, and minimize potential for error. If you need to augment your accounting staff to further assist during the accounting close process, NuvoLogic can help in this area as well.

NuvoLogic has the industry experience and capabilities to support our clients in the following areas related to Finance and Accounting:

  • Accounting Support
  • Audit Preparation and Audit Remediation
  • Model Development, Validation, and Governance
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis


Assessing, identifying, managing and monitoring risk is imperative for all organizations at all stages. It is critical to have a risk management framework and plan in place to minimize adverse impacts that could be detrimental to a company’s financials, operations, or reputation. NuvoLogic can help companies be proactive managing risk rather than reactive. If your organization is reacting by remediating risks and audit findings, impacts to the company likely have already occurred.

NuvoLogic can help prepare you to avoid threats and damage before risks occur. The goal is to embed risk management activities and measures in baseline operations and activities as if it were second nature. Our team can assess the effectiveness of current internal controls, the level of compliance with regulations, policies and procedures, and the maturity of your risk management framework to include three lines of defense. If you are in the audit remediation stage, our team can assist in developing corrective action plans and ensure operational effectiveness to clear the findings.

We have the industry experience and capabilities to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Internal Controls Assessment

  • Audit Readiness
  • Quality Assurance
  • Audit Remediation
  • Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Governance and Compliance

  • Compliance Reviews/Due Diligence


Data is central to everything within an organization. Data are the building blocks that reveal an organization’s health, allows for informed management decisions, optimizes processes, enhances operational efficiencies, improves financial performance, maximizes cost savings, produces actionable insights, and predicts future trends. These are all very important not only to remain competitive, but also to mitigate risks.

NuvoLogic resources have strong data analytics and reporting skillsets to query datasets of all sizes, develop databases and meaningful dashboards and reports so management can understand trends and performance to make informed and timely decisions.

Our analytics leverage the latest programming languages, such as SAS, SQL, Python, and R, and analytics tools like MS Access, Excel, and Tableau to discover nuances that could shed light into data quality issues.

We have the industry experience and capabilities to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research

  • Data Quality Assurance

  • Report and Dashboard Development

  • Predictive Analytics, KPIs


Whether it be a business transformation or an assessment of your current workflows and processes, NuvoLogic strategizes how to incorporate efficiencies into our work products. We assess existing processes and propose enhancements to address specific management objectives or to minimize resources while maximizing throughput. We offer a fresh view point, new perspective, and industry best practices to assist our clients enhance their current state.

We will assess the impact within a process and holistically across the organization to determine the types of training or additional documentation, policies, procedures, internal controls, and reporting required as a result. NuvoLogic’s business analysts are ready to implement the proposed enhancements and our Project Management Professionals (PMP) will manage the end-to-end process in partnership with our clients ensuring upstream and downstream stakeholders, systems, and data are considered.

We have the industry experience and capabilities to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Business Analysis
  • Reporting, Analytics, Dashboarding

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Business Intelligence

  • Process Improvements

  • Change Management

  • Project and Program Management

  • Strategic Planning and Execution


NuvoLogic understands that businesses depend on technology to be successful. Within any given industry, there are scores of tools and applications that can shape the way that you do business. At NuvoLogic, we understand that it requires implementing the right technology to make a positive impact.

Implementing the right technology can improve many aspects such as internal and external processes, interactions with your employees and customers; all with the ultimate goal of increasing your presence in the global landscape. NuvoLogic’s experience in assessing business needs and determining the right technology spans multiple projects and industries. It is this wealth of experience that will keep your business moving ahead while using the latest tools and applications. Expensive and highly robust solutions may not always be the answer. NuvoLogic will assess current tools and applications your organization maintains and consider its effective and efficient use before acquiring new, possibly more costly tools.

We have the industry experience and capabilities to support our clients in the following areas:

  • System Implementation & Migration

  • Quality Assurance

  • Test Case Design & Traceability Matrix

  • SLDC Life Cycle

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Systems Integration Testing

  • Requirements Gathering